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Abbott’s front bench a “blue tie” affair

Prime Minister-elect Tony Abbott has unveiled his new cabinet and it’s one for the record books. While Kevin Rudd, after ousting Julia Gillard, chose to elevate a record number of women to ministry, Mr Abbott has named his cabinet with only one woman listed: Julie Bishop took on the Foreign Minister position held by Labor’s Bob Carr under the Gillard/Rudd government.

Tony Abbott with wife Margie and their daughtersFor Margie Abbott it’s nothing but egg on her face. The woman married to Tony Abbott and the mother to his three daughters, spoke out on breakfast TV in October last year against allegations that Mr Abbott didn’t understand women and didn’t like dealing with powerful women.

It’s something that doesn’t sit well now that Mr Abbott has won government and has ensured he doesn’t have to deal with powerful women on a daily basis through surrounding himself with predominately older, white men. It proves he still unequivocally believes in what he said on Four Corners in 2010:

‘I think it would be folly to expect that women will ever dominate or even approach equal representation in a large number of areas simply because their aptitudes, abilities and interests are different for physiological reasons’

Mr Abbott’s cabinet consists of 19 men and one woman, while his outer ministry boasts four woman and seven men. One female parliamentary secretary rounds it out. As the Labor Party have pointed out, Australia now has less women in its ministry than Afghanistan which has three women on it’s front bench.

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Ruby View: Why do we wax on, wax off?

bathroom pinupNext week, I’m going to a friend’s wedding. I’ve got my pretty dress, shoes, and I’m planning how I’ll do my hair. Oh, and I’ll be getting my legs waxed. All 5 months’ worth of growth.

Not undertaking any kind of hair removal on my legs this summer wasn’t any kind of feminazi protest against today’s beauty standards. And I certainly have been showing off my calves regardless – it’s been far too hot to shy away from my sundresses. And look, I have to be honest, my friends do get a little jealous that my leg fuzz is fair and thin – I’ve been waxing and epilating since I was 14, slowly destroying the hair follicles each time I rip the hairs from their roots. But when I put it like that, I do start to question why girls do what we do – why is it that hairy legs on a girl is considered gross? Continue reading


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Hymns for Her – A Playlist for International Women’s Day 2013

Google's 'doodle' for International Women's Day 2013

Google’s ‘doodle’ for International Women’s Day 2013

In case you missed it, today is March 8th.

It doesn’t sound like much when you put it like that, does it? But for most of my life, that is what this date has always been. Just plain old March 8th.

Today is so much more than a month and a number, though. Today is International Women’s Day, a UN-supported celebration of all the fantastic work females do all around the world, and a day for the recognition of all the challenges they face, be it the struggle for equal pay, the right to a career and education, the high percentage of women who will be raped in their lifetimes, or the destruction of severe penalties for those deemed ‘immodest’. It is a day to say thanks to your mum for bringing you into the world, to thank your female teachers for giving you knowledge, to thank women of every age, colour and creed for doing the best they can to get by in the world.

Here at Cheaper Than Rubies, a website that is run entirely by young women, we simply couldn’t let the day go past without some sort of celebration of our own, and every good party needs a playlist, right?

That’s why this week, we’ve got ten fantastic songs by women for women (and anyone else who wants to join in). Some of them address issues that are faced by women around the world every day, some of them are just magnificent anthems to get you through to the weekend. Either way, you’re in for a damn good time!

1. Hymn To Her – The Pretenders

A soft start this week, with this gentle ode to feminine nurturing, be it as a lover, as a daughter, as a mother or as a friend. The admiration for the female is delicate and all-encompassing, making this arguably one of the best tracks for such an occasion as today. Continue reading

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Mrs Abbott and her Sensitive Tony

I’m not one of the people calling for “Margie for PM”. In fact, I haven’t heard anyone say that except for Tony Abbott, and I’m fairly sure he’s not that sincere about that cause.

Margie Abbott spoke out against allegations that her husband doesn’t understand women, and doesn’t like dealing with powerful women. The couple appeared on breakfast TV on  Friday, with Margie claiming her husband is a “softie” who gets women.

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