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The Giving and Taking of The Gonski Reforms

give a gonskiThe “I give a Gonski” campaign has been successful. That is, politicians have listened and are acting on the recommendations made by the Review of Funding for Schooling chaired by David Gonski. Over the weekend, the Federal Government announced plans to increase school funding by $14.5 billion over six years – $2 billion of this funding will come from existing university funding. The funding plan has been met with widespread criticism and condemnation, with supporters of education funding arguing that you can’t take funding from one part of the education sector to give to another.

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Ten Tunes for Tuesday, 29th January: Back to School!

January is drawing to a lazy close, and for those of a certain age, that means that the greatest of horrors has returned for another year: the holidays are over and it’s time to head back to the classroom.

Whether you’re a student heading back for another term, a recent leaver preparing for your university experience, or a teacher dreading the first day back at work, we’ve compiled an eclectic list of songs to get you through the next ten weeks of hard study.

You can find the playlist right here, but if you want the videos that go with them, you’ll have to read on. Who knows? You might even learn something!

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