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Merida’s Makeover (Or “The Tale of Beautiful Tough Girl”)

Last week, Disney announced its new addition to the Disney Princess series: Merida, the fiery red-headed star of Disney-Pixar’s movie Brave, had made it to the immortal ranks of little girls’ childhoods all around the world. My three nieces absolutely adore the adventurous, bow-and-arrow wielding princess who tries to change her fate of an arranged marriage. She’s tough; she runs around, rides horses and climbs mountains. In the eyes of a little girl? She is totally cool. However, her unveiling to immortality was received with wide criticism.

To be a matching set alongside Belle, Cinderella, Jasmine and Rapunzel (just to name a few!), Merida had a makeover. With a pinched waist, tighter dress and smoother hair, she is also saliently missing her bow and arrows. This caused outrage from mothers, saying that they had “sexied” Merida up, making everything she stands for irrelevant. One person went as far to say that her new look is¬†subconsciously¬†allowing young girls to take in a “sexy, come-hither” attitude.

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The Science of Art

Recently, we put the call out for new regular contributors, and what a response we got! We’ve got some fantastic new pieces coming from our new Rubies across a range of topics, and we can’t wait to share them with you!

In the first of our round of introductions is Penny, our brand new technology writer. She’s a Sydney-based graphic designer in the gaming industry, who also has a passion for movies and photography. We’re stoked to have her on board, so please give her a warm welcome!

I am what I describe as a ‘non-geek geekette’. I’m kind of a nerd only by exposure, like when something cool does fall in to my lap, and I go ‘cray cray’.

Regardless of my allegiance to the tech world though, I am still guilty of a terrible thing.

I bag out computer geeks.

I mean, I am considered one myself, but I am no Sheldon Cooper.

I am the first to avoid going into a store if the nerd:normal ratio is out of whack because well, I don’t like BO. I also distinctly remember in high school having the chance to achieve a UAI score by taking biology, or to ditch the university stream and take up Photography. ‘Screw science and the nerds who take it,’ I told myself. ‘Give me a camera! I am an artiste!’

Well, I’ve been put into my place

Two weeks ago, the Sydney Opera House held their 3rd Annual GRAPHIC Festival, billed as ‘a weekend of graphic storytelling, animation and music’.

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