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Coles’s Aussie Claim Gets Thumbs DOWN DOWN

Curtis Stone - the face of Coles Supermarkets' advertising.

Curtis Stone – the face of Coles Supermarkets’ advertising.

It took me a while to put my finger on why I don’t like Coles advertising. Sure, it’s annoying and it’s repetitive.

But, the crunch came when I realised that it’s because Curtis Stone is the representative of Coles, a company that likes to pride itself on its Australian grown produce.

But Curtis Stone is Australian right? Right. But, Curtis Stone lives in LA, with his partner and their son. So, what? Good on him, right?

Well, yes, good on Mr Curtis, but shouldn’t Coles be using an Aussie chef who lives and works in Australia, who employs Australians, and who purchases and uses Australian produce in their cooking?

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