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Abbott’s front bench a “blue tie” affair

Prime Minister-elect Tony Abbott has unveiled his new cabinet and it’s one for the record books. While Kevin Rudd, after ousting Julia Gillard, chose to elevate a record number of women to ministry, Mr Abbott has named his cabinet with only one woman listed: Julie Bishop took on the Foreign Minister position held by Labor’s Bob Carr under the Gillard/Rudd government.

Tony Abbott with wife Margie and their daughtersFor Margie Abbott it’s nothing but egg on her face. The woman married to Tony Abbott and the mother to his three daughters, spoke out on breakfast TV in October last year against allegations that Mr Abbott didn’t understand women and didn’t like dealing with powerful women.

It’s something that doesn’t sit well now that Mr Abbott has won government and has ensured he doesn’t have to deal with powerful women on a daily basis through surrounding himself with predominately older, white men. It proves he still unequivocally believes in what he said on Four Corners in 2010:

‘I think it would be folly to expect that women will ever dominate or even approach equal representation in a large number of areas simply because their aptitudes, abilities and interests are different for physiological reasons’

Mr Abbott’s cabinet consists of 19 men and one woman, while his outer ministry boasts four woman and seven men. One female parliamentary secretary rounds it out. As the Labor Party have pointed out, Australia now has less women in its ministry than Afghanistan which has three women on it’s front bench.

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Turnbull dismisses NBN petition as undemocratic

PrintThe National Broadband Network was a key policy under both the Rudd and Gillard governments and was a key election issue at this month’s federal election which saw the Liberal Party return to government after a six-year hiatus.

Post Tony Abbott’s victory, a petition hosted by began to circulate on social media, asking the newly elected government to ditch their NBN policy which advocates a fibre-to-the-node (FTTN) model in favour of Labor’s fibre-to-the-premise (FTTP) model.

At time of publication, the petition had 218,657 signatures and is easily the most supported online petition Australia has seen but it will largely be ineffective due to the Liberal government believing they have a mandate to move to an FTTN model.

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Merida’s Makeover (Or “The Tale of Beautiful Tough Girl”)

Last week, Disney announced its new addition to the Disney Princess series: Merida, the fiery red-headed star of Disney-Pixar’s movie Brave, had made it to the immortal ranks of little girls’ childhoods all around the world. My three nieces absolutely adore the adventurous, bow-and-arrow wielding princess who tries to change her fate of an arranged marriage. She’s tough; she runs around, rides horses and climbs mountains. In the eyes of a little girl? She is totally cool. However, her unveiling to immortality was received with wide criticism.

To be a matching set alongside Belle, Cinderella, Jasmine and Rapunzel (just to name a few!), Merida had a makeover. With a pinched waist, tighter dress and smoother hair, she is also saliently missing her bow and arrows. This caused outrage from mothers, saying that they had “sexied” Merida up, making everything she stands for irrelevant. One person went as far to say that her new look is subconsciously allowing young girls to take in a “sexy, come-hither” attitude.

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Coles’s Aussie Claim Gets Thumbs DOWN DOWN

Curtis Stone - the face of Coles Supermarkets' advertising.

Curtis Stone – the face of Coles Supermarkets’ advertising.

It took me a while to put my finger on why I don’t like Coles advertising. Sure, it’s annoying and it’s repetitive.

But, the crunch came when I realised that it’s because Curtis Stone is the representative of Coles, a company that likes to pride itself on its Australian grown produce.

But Curtis Stone is Australian right? Right. But, Curtis Stone lives in LA, with his partner and their son. So, what? Good on him, right?

Well, yes, good on Mr Curtis, but shouldn’t Coles be using an Aussie chef who lives and works in Australia, who employs Australians, and who purchases and uses Australian produce in their cooking?

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Seeing Clearly with Google Glass

google glass wornGoogle Glass is fast becoming a reality more than just a crazy pipe dream, with Google releasing technical specifications for the wearable computing device this week. Google will start shipping early editions of the smartglasses to app developers this week.
And for once, news of a new techno toy doesn’t excite me. It kinda freaks me out actually. As someone who has to wear glasses to fix eyesight problems, the thought of people choosing to wear them so they can connect with the internet just seems weird.
Do we really need something interrupting our interaction with the world more so than smart devices already do?


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Gadgets at Gigs: Living Live or Phoning It In?

I was lucky enough to have a very exciting week last week. Three concerts in four days, starting with a “red-headed yeti with multiple arms” that goes by the name of Newton Faulkner, then my favourite band, Counting Crows and finishing up with amazing young talent, Birdy. All concerts were amazing; I didn’t want any if them to end. On Monday morning, a co-worker said he wanted to see Birdy live again before he even said hello. It was a very good week.

Yet, something lingers… something I can’t quite understand and I don’t know if it’s because I am “old” or not “cool”: why did everyone watch the concerts through their phones? Continue reading


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Think this is an awesome blog? Vote for us!

BB2013_NomineeSince starting this little project, Noni and I, and our contributors, have strived to produce thoughtful, entertaining and interesting posts that reflect our interests and our take on this complex world we live in. I’m very proud of all the posts our little team of ladies has produced and now we are asking you, our readers, for one HUGE favour.

Please vote for our blog in the Australian Writers Centre’s Best Australian Blogs Competition 2013 People’s Choice Award. We would greatly appreciate it! If you have ever been entertained, infuriated or intrigued by ANY of our posts, please click through and vote!

We’d also love to know which posts you’ve particularly enjoyed so put your votes in for your favourite post in the comment section below, on Facebook or via Twitter – and remember to use the hashtag #bestblogs13.


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Three men and a PM: who should lead the ALP?

gillardAfter a failed challenge last year, former prime minister Kevin Rudd promised to not challenge again and to sit, content and loyal, on the backbench.

We’re less then 7 months out to this year’s election, and the leadership of Julia Gillard seems plagued with Labor doubt. But who else can save Labor from an election wipe out?

The options for a new leader seem to be three men: Kevin Rudd, Bill Shorten or Simon Crean.

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Ruby View: Why do we wax on, wax off?

bathroom pinupNext week, I’m going to a friend’s wedding. I’ve got my pretty dress, shoes, and I’m planning how I’ll do my hair. Oh, and I’ll be getting my legs waxed. All 5 months’ worth of growth.

Not undertaking any kind of hair removal on my legs this summer wasn’t any kind of feminazi protest against today’s beauty standards. And I certainly have been showing off my calves regardless – it’s been far too hot to shy away from my sundresses. And look, I have to be honest, my friends do get a little jealous that my leg fuzz is fair and thin – I’ve been waxing and epilating since I was 14, slowly destroying the hair follicles each time I rip the hairs from their roots. But when I put it like that, I do start to question why girls do what we do – why is it that hairy legs on a girl is considered gross? Continue reading


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Ruby View: The Queen and (LGBT)I? – a royal decree against discrimination

Queen-Elizabeth_1Following the signing of an official document by her Royal Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, the Commonwealth officially stands against all discrimination.

The document formalises “core values of the organisation and the aspiration of its members.” That organisation is the Commonwealth, which Australia is a member of.

The Queen is set to sign the document later today in London.

The document will officially oppose “all forms of discrimination, whether rooted in gender, race, colour, creed, political belief or other grounds.”

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