How YouTube will remember the election

With less than two weeks to go until polling day, we thought it’s a good time to give you a wrap of the best this election has delivered – the best YouTube videos that is.

Clive Palmer has been good for news gold since before the election was called, from his plan to build a replica of the doomed Titanic to wanting to open a Jurrasic Park on the Sunshine Coast, Mr Palmer has always been good for a laugh – and he also seems to like pie.

The band behind this video clip boasts members who work as cameramen in Canberra’s press pack. What we can learn from this video is that while pollies may lack dancing skills…some of them have great ironing skills.

If one thing this election has proven is that  – throw some Game of Thrones references and a whole lot of rap and it gets interesting. Warning, contains Julian Assange wearing a mullet.

If you don’t understand how the Australian voting works – here’s the video for you. Produced by GetUp! the Game of Thrones themed video attempts at explaining the electoral system in just under three and a half minutes.

And perhaps one of my favourites – The Daily Show wrapped up some of the best election gaffes to prove that the US don’t need to waste as much time on the election process: one month is plenty of time to deliver us such pearls as “I don’t oppose Islam as a country” and photos of a politican’s penis in red wine – classy.


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