Think this is an awesome blog? Vote for us!

BB2013_NomineeSince starting this little project, Noni and I, and our contributors, have strived to produce thoughtful, entertaining and interesting posts that reflect our interests and our take on this complex world we live in. I’m very proud of all the posts our little team of ladies has produced and now we are asking you, our readers, for one HUGE favour.

Please vote for our blog in the Australian Writers Centre’s Best Australian Blogs Competition 2013 People’s Choice Award. We would greatly appreciate it! If you have ever been entertained, infuriated or intrigued by ANY of our posts, please click through and vote!

We’d also love to know which posts you’ve particularly enjoyed so put your votes in for your favourite post in the comment section below, on Facebook or via Twitter – and remember to use the hashtag #bestblogs13.



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3 responses to “Think this is an awesome blog? Vote for us!

  1. I thought I’d let everyone know which posts have been my favourites 🙂

    From Penny I remember I really enjoyed her Kris Kringle post:
    I loved that it wasn’t the usual collection of lame Kris Kringle suggestions, I also really liked the idea of the digitless clock!

    I’d have to say my favourite post from Tegan (or Delicious History as some of you may know her) was the one about the Lizzie Bennett Diaries ( – I wasted many hours watching the videos and it’s all Tegan’s fault!

    My favourite post from the lovely Karina (bucketscientist) would be her very first post which looked at climate change and global warming (

    And my favourite playlist from Noni would be her Back to School playlist: Back to Hogwarts summed up so many of my crazy Harry Potter friends feelings and the Kate Miller-Heidke song Noni included is just amazing.

  2. Bomber

    My favourite post is the one regarding the queens royal decree against discrimination!!

  3. Rowena

    I particularly enjoyed the post regarding Tony Abbott – is he really a changed man?

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