A Truly Colourful Workout: Putting the fun into running!

I don’t watch the television series Bones regularly at all, and coming from a strong CSI background it isn’t my cup of tea. But if I catch the start of the show I can’t stop watching. The writers know how to draw in the audience.

I recently caught an episode where the murder victim, before he died, walked through an Indian market. People had been throwing coloured powder as he walked by. The autopsy showed coloured spots on his lungs. This is how they ‘knew’ where he had been. I have no idea if that would actually happen or not, but after Sunday I think half of Sydney has rainbow lungs.

Last Sunday I was lucky enough to be part of the “happiest 5k’s”, the Color Run, to raise funds for Heart Kids. Based on Holi, a Hindu tradition to celebrate the coming of spring; a series of charity runs have taken on the idea to throw coloured corn flour at people to make things a bit more exciting than your generic fun run.

It was a 5km stretch around Homebush to run, walk or dance. Everyone wore their whites. White shirts, shorts, dresses, haz-mat suites and unicorns were seen. My team “Rainbowlicious” were ready, white tutus and all. We didn’t know that 20,000+ people would be there! Trying to get to Homebush was a sea of white in cars and on trains, we should have left earlier.

When you arrive the crowds mood takes you. The music and DJ is loud, people are laughing, little kids wearing swimming goggles to protect their eyes: it’s not hard to feel good. Having been given a packet of “colour” at the sign-in a couple of days prior, there were some eager people already sporting pink, blue and purple. It made you want to get moving so you could run through the first colour station.

Finally you get moving. Around the corner you see the first station. It’s blue! Of course they have Eiffel 65’s massive 90s hit blaring. It makes you want to become a musician just to write a new blue-themed song, but what can you do?

As you run through the stations, volunteers throw handfuls of colour from a barrel or squirt it out of bottles, causing a coloured haze through the entire station. It was exactly like going through the Australian dust storm of 2009, but in blue, yellow and pink.

People of all ages participated. I even saw a baby too young to even crawl wrapped in a white towel! Judging by the father carrying him they had walked around the colour stations but regardless, this event is for everyone. You could invite anyone you wanted with no need to consider age or physicality. (Just check the venue for accessibility of course!)

After Orange and Yellow, you are more of a brown rather than rainbow. Cross the finish line and you finally get to use the colour packet you were itching to open. Every 20 minutes there is an end-of-race colour cloud to participate in. After a 10 second countdown, the crowd throws the packet of colour in the air simultaneously, creating the most amazing looking cloud of colour you will ever see. Being in the middle of it is fun, until the cloud settles and the corn flour smells terrible; but you got to throw stuff. Then you get to see it from afar, amazing!

I say everyone should do a colour run once in their lives. I also say wear sunnies, a scarf around your mouth and glad-wrap all of your electronics. Other than that, have fun!

I can’t imagine what the Hindu festival must be like, but I have a sudden longing to visit India.

Were you at the Color Run? What did you think? Have you been to the Holi? What other ways have you found to bring a little bit of colour to your life? Let us know in comments, on Twitter or Facebook!



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