Ruby Review: Exploring Adobe’s Creative Cloud

I had a gym membership once. I used for about two weeks before I gave up. I’m not gym material for one, but the other reason I cancelled my membership was to direct my funds to something else that I love even more: the new Adobe Creative Cloud.

My Photoshop skills are entirely self-taught. As a teen, I would spend hours scouring Google for Photoshop tutorials that ranged from learning how to use filters to create lightning, to professional photo touch-up tips. I was unstoppable.

Then I started working and I felt guilty that, now that I could actually afford to buy the software, I didn’t have to… well, “borrow” it from other people.

So when I caught wind of a possible subscription service to some Adobe products I waited…

And waited…

And waited…

Until finally, Adobe released their new subscription service for their new CS6 range. For what used to be about $1,000+ outright, I can now pay AU$62.99 a month to access all of my Adobe products and receive any updates to the programs for free. So when they finally fix that bug that annoys you?¹ You get it for free and you get it straight away.

With the Internet now considered a necessity in the first world, Adobe have made what I think is the smartest move they could have ever made. They have essentially cut out piracy for their products, among professionals and freelancers alike.

For those of you who don’t know, Adobe hold many industry standard products. Photoshop, as I’m sure you’re aware, edits and manipulates photographs. It makes Miranda Kerr look amazing from every angle.

Logo of Adobe Systems Incorporated

Logo of Adobe Systems Incorporated (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Underneath that you have Illustrator, In Design, After Effects and Flash, just to name a few.

They have also brought out a range of mobile apps that are either for creating artworks on your handheld device, or for publishing content to them for others to enjoy.

You get 20GB of cloud storage with your membership too. A great place to show off all of your wonderful work to potential bosses and clients!

You can install your software on up to 2 computers, PC or Mac alike. This helps if you have a Mac laptop for Apple App publishing but still have a PC at home. Or if you have a budding design student family member and want to help them get used to what their future might hold, you can let them borrow it… and legally!

Available memberships are:

  1. A one-year contract that you pay monthly ($AU62.99) or;
  2. A month-to-month contract that is $AU94.99 per month. This seems more expensive, but is the better option if you need a piece of software for that random moment an old schoolmate asks for a logo and is actually willing to pay well for it.

There are student and teacher memberships available as well. A private membership (only for your personal PC – no using this in your classroom!) will only set you back $AU24.99! You must provide ‘academic proof’ to qualify, but if you’re legit, that’s pretty easy to get.

Because this is a Cloud service, you download the program once and let it live on your PC until you are ready to use it. Lost your job and can’t pay? Your programs do become inaccessible, but you still ‘have’ them on your hard drive.

Need to make an invitation to your Grandma’s 80th birthday all of a sudden? No worries! Pay Adobe again to re-gain access straight away and there is no need to re-download your software and max out your bandwidth. This allows you to reward yourself with Skyrim after all those hours of hard invitation-making work.

Of course, you can always test out Adobe products with 30-day trials. So grab a free copy and give it a go here!


¹ Adobe? Fix a bug? My sides hurt from laughing.

There are plenty of new cloud-based products on the market at the moment – are they worth the hype? Submit your review to us via email or in the comments, tweet Penny with your recommendations, or flick us a Facebook message!



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2 responses to “Ruby Review: Exploring Adobe’s Creative Cloud

  1. I really like what you guys are up too. This type of
    clever work and coverage! Keep up the awesome works guys I’ve added you guys to my own blogroll.

  2. Andrew

    On the Adobe forums one user who left the cloud has called adobe the 800 lbs gorilla because of its forcefulness in regards to pushing the cloud. The cloud makes sense for a web person who really does use everything and cannot afford to buy. If you own and switch it makes no sense you are paying more! Every time you upgrade there is a new period of learning the features and methods. So that is really not a benifit . The 75 per month to go month to month is the price range adobe wants to see from you.finally Adobe is making over 80 million a month on subscription and hopes to more than double it. They have falsly promised wall street that there profits will multiply from the cloud. I think as a costumer going on it will cost you more and in the long run once subscriptions drop profits will fall and do will the stock. In that scenario the products will cost more and fewer users lowers profits. Adobe is pissing off loyal users that bought the product forcing some like me to switch to the cloud by denial of upgrade. As Adobe shrinks its user base of real committed adobe users it will loose money and it’s stock will drop. I have gone from loving Adobe and it’s products to despising Adobe for negatively transforming into a greedy tech giant lying to new cost omers and investors, bullying on loyal long term customers. And porting jobs overseas like phone do you raise prices by double and move tech support overseas bottom line Adobe is greedy when it back fires look up because people will jump from the cloud

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