Going (Coco)nutty!

After last week’s post, you probably think I am some kind of oil fanatic, yes?

Okay, it’s true!

These natural miracle workers happen to be one of my favourite topics, and today I would like to bend your ear about what some have called the Alpha and Omega, the Holy Grail, and the best health secret of all time: coconut oil.

Coconut oil has been getting all sorts of press (and praise) recently, and for good reason. It’s brilliant, and you can use it for just about everything. It’s made up of mostly medium chain fatty acids, which are easily digested, and stimulate your metabolism and thyroid. Remember, good quality, natural fat doesn’t make you fat. It gives you energy without an insulin spike. Fifty per cent of the fat in coconut oil is made up of lauric acid, which is anti-viral and anti-bacterial.

Coconut oil is fantastic for cooking. It’s very heat-stable, which means it won’t go rancid at high temperatures, like when stir-frying or baking. Plus it has a delicious mild sweet flavour, which tastes great on roasted vegetables or in muffins. In many cases you can substitute coconut oil for margarine, olive oil, butter or vegetable oil in recipes. It’s filling and satiating – you can even add it to smoothies! Mix it with cocoa or melted chocolate for home-made Ice Magic, or just eat a spoonful a day to moisturise from the inside out.

Outside the kitchen, coconut oil is great on your skin. It’s moisturising, anti-aging, good for eczema, psoriasis, stretch-marks, wounds and burns. It removes make up, works as a lip balm and a nappy cream.

It has an SPF rating of 4, so it provides mild skin protection when out in the sun.

You can put it in your hair as a deep conditioner, to reduce frizz and calm a dandruff-y scalp, as a shave gel, or mix it with sugar or salt for a luxurious but cheap body scrub.

Use it to clean and polish your leather shoes, or make your own natural deodorant or toothpaste. Add a spoonful to your dog or kitty’s dinner for a shiny coat. You can even use it as a personal lubricant for adult cuddles! (However, be aware it’s not latex-friendly.)

While the uses of coconut oil seem almost endless, it is worth noting that some people find coconut oil a little too heavy for their face, and it can block pores. If this is you, there are plenty of other oils which might better suit your face.

Coconut oil is available online here or here, in health food stores and some supermarkets. Go for organic, virgin and cold-pressed if available, to make sure you are getting the maximum health benefits.

Alana’s obviously hooked, but what about you? Will you give coconut oil a try? Or is coconut best left to the realm of the Cherry Ripe and Bounty? Let us know! Facebook, Twitter and the comment section below are all waiting for your opinions!



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  4. Geoff

    I have a friend that has been using it for a variety of things for years he swears by it.

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