Online Kris Kringle: 6 Quirky Christmas Ideas

I don’t mean to rub it in, but I have done most of my Christmas shopping already. The keyword here is most, but I’m pretty much down to wrapping paper and stocking fillers. Oh, the beauty of online shopping!

The problem with starting so early though is that I often miss great little gift ideas that didn’t filter into my world fast enough. I jump the gun to be efficient, and end up missing out on great gift ideas! First-world problems, huh?

So I thought I’d share my list of ‘Damn, should’ve got that!’ gift ideas in a bid to pay it forward. Some of these you might have already seen, but these are all new to me.

1. Assholes: A Theory

No-one told me that philosophy could include analysing douche-bags for fun! Associate Professor for Philosophy at the University of California, Aaron James, explores what makes a person an asshole. With humour, he looks at the different types of assholes; the role gender, nurture and environment can contribute and how to deal with assholes in daily life.

This is the perfect gift for anyone dear to you who needs help with asshole management. Bosses, co-workers, fellow passengers or outright enemies: the asshole comes in many shapes and sizes.

To add it to your Christmas list, head here, where you can find Assholes in hardcover format and for your Kindle!

2. The Present – an annual clock

The Present: An Annual Clock that Tells Time in Seasons seasons color clocks

This is a clock that tells the time by seasons instead of minutes!

Originally a project on Kickstarter, the clock resembles a gradient colour wheel to signify equinoxes and solstices throughout the year. It takes an entire year to complete a single rotation, which means no counting down the minutes; just relax and enjoy the year as it comes.

3. Digital Polaroid camera

One part retro, one part modern – what isn’t there to love? Polaroid has done one up on Kodak and embraced the digital age. Simply take a photo with your Polaroid, check it on-screen and make adjustments to the photo before printing off your one-of-a-kind, fair-dinkum Polaroid! It’s kind of like Instagram, but in print. Whodathunkit?

You can check out Polaroid’s new modern age on their website.

4. Extraordinary Chickens

Animal photography books are always a good stocking filler, but chickens? They are especially funny-looking. Although this particular edition may not be widely available (it was first published in 2000), Stephen Green-Armytage has explored a variety of chickens from all over the world through the photographic medium. You’ll be amazed at some of the types of chickens out there, from your average farm chick to award-winning feathers.

Just the cover alone is enough to bring a smile to someone’s face!

Once again, Amazon has you covered for your Christmas chicken fix, with this title available in hardcover, paperback and as a calendar.

5. Design Advice

And good design advice at that!

You’re sure to find something for the design-minded people in your life at this site… provided they like profanity too. Inspiration to work harder comes in poster, mug and even tote-bag form.

6. Verbarius Digitless Clock

I pride myself on knowing how to read 24-hour time. But when someone asks me what the time is, my processing power from a 24-hour clock to the English language can be slow at best. Cue the Verbarius Digitless Clock. It tells you the time in plain English! (Or Spanish, or Russian, or Turkish, or Welsh…)

You can find this wordy little timekeeper via Thinkgeek.

Everyone knows what the spirit of Christmas is about: caring, giving and loving. I hope you all give and receive a gift that makes you feel special, and spare a thought for those who aren’t lucky enough to have such a great day. Drive safe, get a fat belly and don’t forget to tell your Mum that she’s pretty alright.

Got your eye on a gadget? Let us know what quirky gift you hope Santa brings you this year!


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