Top Ten Summer Tunes for Tuesday, November 13th

Written by Joel
Normally, today would be the day you hear from Rubies regular Noni for Tunes for Tuesday, but this week I will be filling in as Noni globe-trots about, no doubt finding new musical treasures to share with you when she returns.
As summer is almost upon us, I thought I would share some of my favourite summer beats with you this week to get you in the mood for the approaching summer festive season. These songs hopefully will get you ready for the sunny season, long days at the beach and drinks by the pool.
10. Diet Mountain Dew by Lana Del Rey
This song’s tinkling piano and clever rhymes sung in the velvet tones of Lana’s Nancy Sinatra voice gets me ready for a summer party, and there’s nothing like Mountain Dew on a hot day (Product placement purely coincidental I swear!).

9. Buy Nothing Day Ft. Bethany from Best Coast by The Go! Team
I just love this song to pieces. Every summer it’s on repeat in my car. You just have to listen to it to understand why!

8. Heart Of Glass by Blondie
The beat and percussion just makes me feel like summer and this is just a great song to have on any playlist.

 7. How Soon Is Now by The Smiths
I imagine this song playing at a late night summer party on a hot night when things get a little steamy after a few drinks, if you catch my drift.

6. Only The Horses
Great beat, fantastic imagery, I’m ready to dance already!

5. Primadonna by Marina and the Diamonds
Just great for parties by the pool, a little fun pop tune to soundtrack your summer parties. I also love Marina’s tongue in cheek poke at the mainstream entertainment industry in the clip.

4. Desire Be Desire Go by Tame Impala
Add some retro rock to your playlist this summer. You can’t go past some Tame Impala as the weather warms up.

3. The Only Place by Best Coast
Continuing the rock theme, This song by the best coast is perfect for your beach road trip soundtrack.

2. Lets Go Surfing by The Drums
Another fun beachy tune. Self explanatory really.

1. Kiss Me by Sixpence None The Richer
This classic song will be the sound of your summer memories with your special someone.

Well, that’s my ten songs for summer. What are yours? Recommend a song or share your thoughts on songs I’ve missed!

Joel is a 23-year-old Media/Communications student. He is currently taking part in NaNoWriMo. This is his first contribution to Cheaper Than Rubies.


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