Ten Top Tunes for Tuesday, October 16th.

So you’ve got through the first day of the working week, but there’s still four more days until the weekend is upon us. How on earth are you going to get through it?

Never fear, the Rubies are here, with a new weekly post bringing you a range of melodies to get your toes tapping under your work desk.

Each Tuesday, there’ll be ten new tunes to get excited about, with playlists available either via triple j Unearthed or Spotify, depending on that week’s artists.

This week, we’re bringing you a bunch of Australian artists, to celebrate 12 months of triple j‘s little unsigned digital radio sister, triple j Unearthed. (A real corker of a station, should you be one of the lucky metropolitan readers with a digital radio, or savvy enough to stream online!)

You’ll find a link to the playlist at the bottom of the post, or you can take your time wandering through the videos and streams we’ve found just for you!

1. History’s Door – Husky

This one has been doing the rounds for some time, with the gents playing on Adam Hills in Gordon Street Tonight in April. If you like a bit of Mumford & Sons and Boy & Bear, this band is going to be so far up your alley that you’ll need tweezers to remove it. (Trust us, you won’t want to.)

2. Was It Worth It – Mama Kin

Hot off the presses, this track is a fantastic little treat. Mama Kin’s debut was a magnificent rootsy release, full of feminine passion, and it’s great to hear this little preview of her new album is as strong as her first.

3. I Fell In Love Again – The Darkened Seas

Brought to our attention by the lovely Alex Sol Watts, this tune will go down really well with fans of retro rock ‘n’ roll. It’s a little bit “Great Balls of Fire”-style shake, rattle and roll; it’s a little bit punk – kind of like if Jerry Lee Lewis decided to marry Johnny Rotten instead of his thirteen year old cousin.

4. Kurithila Pride – The Curry All Sorts

We love everything the Desert Pea Media team do, and this new tune from Cloncurry, QLD is no exception. The work they do with Indigenous kids around the country is fantastic, especially since they regularly return to the communities they visit, helping to maintain their voice in the longer term. It’s also great hearing young voices speaking out about social justice, something that’s missing from mainstream music today.

5. Emanuel Ciccolini – The Cactus Channel

WARNING: this band will probably make you feel like you have completely wasted your life on being a talentless bum. Why? They’re all fresh out of high school. No, seriously. Were you bringing the funk as hard as these guys when you were their age? Probably not. But that’s no excuse not to immerse yourself in their rich, retro sound. Dig it.*

*Yes, we’re totally white. Shut up.

6. Survival Guide For Forgetful Friends – The Trivs

(The video quality is pretty bad, so click the title for the mp3!)

The Trivs have played an important part of the lives of the Rubies since high school, when they swept us off our feet at the local Battle of the Bands. Since then, they’ve moved to Canberra… and broken up. Never mind. This is still a killer track. (And you can find their guitarist doing his newer, more solo-type stuff here.)

7. Smoke It Down – The Growl

Anybody who knows me will know I have a mega-band crush on these guys. This song and its accompanying video explains why. This is gritty blues rock that hits you right in the nether regions in the most glorious of ways.

Now, excuse me while I go find my smelling salts. Unf.

(Note: this track is no longer available on Unearthed, but we’ve added another from these guys that is just as stellar!)

8. Madeline – Mustered Courage

Bluegrass may not be to everyone’s taste, but interestingly, these guys list themselves as Roots/Pop on their triple j Unearthed profile. Listening to the tune, you can hear why. It’s a great, cheerful track, full of lovely harmonies, with a cheeky video to match. We give thanks to Brisbane band Rattlehand for putting us on to this one!

9. Ready – Elizabeth Rose

Just to totally turn the pace on its head, here’s a snappy electronic tune with a video clip that could possibly melt your eyeballs.  Thanks again to Alex Sol Watts for bringing this little gem to our attention. (He’s awesome and we love him. His finger is so on-the-pulse, it’s practically cutting off circulation.)

(Note: yeah, this one isn’t on Unearthed anymore either, but there’s another Elizabeth Rose track waiting in our playlist to keep you happy!)

10. Action – Mikelangelo and The Tin Star

You can’t help but love the dashing and debonair Mikelangelo, especially once you’ve heard this tune. An ode to the heros of the B-Grade action movies of yesteryear, this surf-western track sucks you in from the opening wavering guitar line. So much fun it’s potentially dangerous!

Looking for the full playlist? Well, here it is! Enjoy!


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