News Wrap: Bali boy to fly home Sunday

The schoolboy convicted of drug possession in Bali looks set to fly home this Sunday with prosecutors preparing the paper work after they accepted his jail sentence of two months.

A warning has been issued as a bushfire continues to threaten lives and homes in Nannup – east of Margaret River – in Western Australia.

Jeffrey Gilham has won an appeal to overturn the conviction of murdering his parents in 1993. He was freed on bail on Friday following the collapse of the prosecutor’s case.

The ALP launched their National Conference in Sydney on Friday to discuss policy, including a conscience vote on gay marriage and exporting uranium to India. A large rally in support of marriage equality has been planned, with the issue being boosted by a video by lobby group GetUp!, which has gone viral.

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Queensland has joined Tasmania in voting to allow gay civil ceremonies. The bill passed in a 47-40 vote during a late night sitting of Parliament on Wednesday.

The minority-Gillard government announced their mid-year budget review on Monday, with massive cutbacks in their attempt to reach surplus by next financial year.

Dozens of people have been evacuated in northern NSW as floods cause havoc. The area was declared a natural disaster zone, allowing people affected to claim assistance.

A seven-year-old boy was swept away in the Murrumbidge River at Wagga Wagga on Sunday afternoon in an incident unrelated to the floods in northern NSW.

Jake Flannery, an 18-year-old from the Central Coast, died while on schoolies in Bali. He was electrocuted while walking down the street early Saturday. His parents have flown to Bali to bring his body home.

And a three-year-old boy has drowned in a stormwater drain at Bingara, west of Inverell, on Saturday afternoon.


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